Standard Racial Traits

  • Ability Score Racial Traits: Warforged are fast learners and extremely durable, but were created with little sense of personal identity. They receive +2 Con, +2 Int, -2 Wis and -2 Cha.
  • Type: Warforged are monstrous humanoids with the half-construct subtype. They do not breathe or sleep, do not need to eat, and receive a +2 racial bonus on saving throws against disease, mind-affecting effects and poison.
  • Size: Warforged are Medium creatures and thus receive no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
  • Base Speed: Warforged have a base speed of 30 feet.
  • Languages: Warforged begin play speaking Common, and do not gain any bonus languages from possessing a high Intelligence score.

Defense Racial Traits

  • Light Fortification: Whenever a sneak attack or critical hit is scored against a warforged, there is a 25% chance that the extra damage is negated and damage is rolled normally.
  • Tireless: Warforged are immune to the fatigued and exhausted conditions, and receive Endurance as a bonus feat.
  • Plating: At 1st level a warforged receives a suit of masterwork light or medium armor for free, which cannot be sundered or removed. Due to its integration with the warforged’s body, the plating’s maximum Dex bonus is increased by 1 and its armor check penalties are reduced by 1. Plating is considered weightless for determining the warforged’s encumbrance. Regardless of the type of armor it is based on, plating is constructed of the same materials as the rest of the warforged’s body and thus may not be constructed of special materials (unless you select the Advanced Construction feat at 1st level). Plating may be enchanted as magic armor, though the warforged must be present at all times during the process.
  • Artificial Metabolism: Warforged are immune to necromancy effects and regain only half the normal hit points from magical healing, unless they affect constructs (such as the make whole spell) or originate from the warforged itself. The warforged still gains full benefit from fast healing.

Feat and Skill Racial Traits

  • Focused Training: Warforged gain one skill of their choice as a class skill.

Offense Racial Traits

  • Natural Weapons: Warforged have a slam attack that deals 1d4 points of damage.

Senses Racial Traits

  • Darkvision: Warforged can see perfectly in the dark up to 60 feet.

Weakness Racial Traits

  • Composite Body: Warforged bodies are composed of stone, metal and wood, and thus are vulnerable to effects which target creatures composed of these substances, like heat metal, repel wood, and the rust monster’s rusting touch. Spells which target objects only (such as stone shape) have no effect on a warforged.

Alternate Racial Traits

  • Integrated Weapon: One of the warforged’s hands is replaced by a weapon, which cannot be disarmed or sundered. He is automatically proficient with this weapon; if he was already proficient then he gains Weapon Focus as a bonus feat for weapons of this type, but only gains its benefits while wielding that specific weapon. If the integrated weapon is a two-handed weapon, he must still use his second hand to help wield it. If it is a throwing weapon then he may detach and reattach the limb freely, and it can be sundered while separate. If it is a double weapon then both of the warforged’s hands are replaced. Unlike his plating, the warforged must purchase this weapon normally at 1st level. This ability replaces Natural Weapons.
    Scout Model: The warforged’s size is reduced to Small, and he gains +2 Dex and -2 Str. In addition he gains a +2 bonus to one of Acrobatics, Athletics, Fly or Perception. This ability replaces Focused Training.


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