The Eternal Empire

The Eternal Empire is the dominant power of the Dracosphere, a federation of largely independent power blocks each ruled by a great dragon known as an Eternal Master.

The Eternal Empire is nominally ruled by the High Master, chosen among the eight Eternal Masters, and serving for a term of 500 years. However, the position of High Master is primarily bureaucratic. Each of the eight Eternal Masters control their own domain, their own resources, and their own armed forces. The High Master primarily coordinates efforts between the Eternal Masters against outside threats, and, theoretically, settles any disputes between the Eternal Masters before the dispute reaches a level where the Eternal Empire might fall apart.

For many hundreds of years, the Eternal Empire has mostly been concerned with the Dwarven Autocracy, but this war is drawing to a close, and now the sight of many of the Eternal Masters are turning inwards.

Though the compact of the Eternal Empire prohibits the Eternal Masters from fighting among themselves, that does not mean that no conflict takes place. The Great Game has long been a way for the Eternal Masters to settle disputes among each other, and now that the war is drawing to a close, some of the Masters are ramping up their efforts, perhaps even seeking to win the game.

The Eternal Empire

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