Ship’s Components

All voidships consist of a hull, one or more thaum cores, and one or more propulsion systems. In addition, most ships have weaponry and internal compartments.


The hull of the ship decides its size, hit points and general appearance. Hulls will have a specific size and material which helps determine these characteristics.

Thaum Cores

Most ships have just one thaum core, a thaumic crystal tied into the ship matrix, with the primary purpose of maintaining the ship’s life bubble, making sure that the ship’s crew doesn’t freeze and suffocate to death. A thaum core is in essence a specialized thaumic reservoir, containing an enormous amount of spell points. A thaum cores content is generally measured in ship days, with a single ship day being the amount of spell points necessary to maintain the ship’s life bubble for a single day.

Thaum cores may also be used to provide the ship with a local magical aura, to provide energy for a propulsion system, or deflect attacks at the ship. More about this below.

Propulsion systems

The most common propulsion system for voidships are solar sails. These sails use the solar winds to drive the vessel between the different worlds.

Some voidships also have engines, drawing power from the ship’s thaum core to propel the ship faster than the sails could alone.


Voidships may be armed with harpoons, cannon, ballistas, catapults or other ship-sized weaponry.


A voidship’s compartments, specifies how the internal parts of the ship are divided up. Cargo holds, passenger cabins, mess halls, gun decks and so on.

Ship Handling


Setting a route from one world to another is a Void Sailor skill check, which cannot be made untrained.

Circumstances DC
Between worlds within sight of each other 5
Between worlds in same region 10
Between worlds in adjacent regions 15
Between worlds within the same sphere 20
Between worlds in different spheres 25
Following a recent path map -10

Success means that the ship arrives on time.

Failure by less than 10, means that the trip takes that many days longer. Double the delay if the worlds were not in the same or adjacent regions.

Failure by 10 or more, means that the course is wrong. This generally won’t be discovered until the normal time of the trip +1d6 days.


Following a set route requires a DC 5 Void Sailor skill check every watch. A character with training in Void Sailor can take 10 on the check.

Ship damage

Ship’s work on another scale than squishy humanoids. 1 ship damage is equal to 10 normal damage. To damage a ship, normal weapons need to deal 1 point of ship damage for every 10 points of damage that was rolled (round down). If characters get hit by ship-scale weapons, they take 10 points of damage for every point of ship damage the weapon caused.

Void shield

A ship’s helmsman can harden the ship’s life bubble if the ship is attacked, or involved in a collision. This prevents any damage that would have been caused to the hull, but drains one ship day from the thaum core for every point of damage that was prevented.

Any object that moves slow enough can move through a hardened bubble, so this tactic cannot be used to prevent boardings.


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