Inhabitants on the edges where The Gloomsphere intersects with The Dracosphere have started to subtly change, from the influence of the Gloomsphere’s energies. In some cases, the changes are less subtle, and the first Dhampir, half-living half-undead, have started to appear. Not generally known outside of the Gloom Worlds, Dhampir generally keep a low profile.


The dragonborn are the servants of the Eternal Masters, the dragons that rule The Eternal Empire. Their very race automatically causes people to consider them aligned with the Eternal Empire. Within the empire this grants them a degree of respect and reverence, but outside the empire, their race may cause them to be looked upon with suspicion.

Every dragonborn has been created by an Eternal Master, and shares his or her colors and elemental affinities. Every dragonborn is also female, preventing the unintended creation of new dragonborn.


The dwarven race originates from the Shattered Sphere, which interconnected with the edge of the Dracosphere for several thousand years. Though the many years caused the races of the two spheres to mingle to a certain degree, the two major powers of the spheres, The Eternal Empire and The Dwarven Autocracy never found common ground, and the Autocracy seized large parts of the rim region, where they could beat the Eternal Empire, thanks to their lesser reliance on magic.

However, then the Shattered Sphere drifted away from the Dracosphere, leaving the dwarven outposts unsupported by the home worlds. Fifty years ago, the Eternal Empire launched an offensive, to destroy the dwarven outposts. Since then the worlds have fallen one by one. The Dwarven Remnant still cling to their last outposts at the very edge of the rim, but if the Eternal Empire continues to push, it seems certain that they will fall as well.

However, with the destruction of the Autocracy’s presence within the Dracosphere, The Remnant is actually a minority of the dwarven population. Many dwarven live on imperial worlds, or on border worlds and rim worlds unaffiliated with the Autocracy, including a couple of worlds that are primarily dwarven. These dwarves are often descendants of individuals that left the suppression of the Autocracy, and most actually cheer for the destruction of The Remnant.


The Feysphere has been adjoined to The Dracosphere as long as anyone can remember, and the races of the two have mixed to a certain degree. Elves came originally from the Feysphere, but have spread throughout the Dracosphere.

The average elf is freedom-loving by nature, and at the very core of their being struggles against being tied down. Though some have the mindset necessary to live in The Eternal Empire, most live on unaffiliated border or rim worlds or in roving caravan fleets. Many of the rim traders and explorers are elves, as is a significant percentage of the members of the Salvagers’ Guild.


The gnomes are everywhere in the inner parts of The Dracosphere, there aren’t a lot of them, but those that are tend to be experts in whatever field they are engaged in. There are not a lot of gnomes making their home on the Rim Worlds, but gnomes may drop by to study the ruins, cultures or resources of the edge of the sphere. Generally, however, the gnomes prefer an environment with strong magical background.


The average halfling is a farmer or craftsman working under their masters in The Eternal Empire. Halflings as a race are meek and eager to please, wishing nothing more than a stable life, decent food and a roof over their heads. They settle readily into relationships of authority, and in many places live under serf-like or even slave-like conditions. The buying and selling of skilled halfling craftsmen, or selling of lands that include the resident halfling farmers, is not unknown in the empire and beyond.

However, though these subservient halflings are the vast majority of the race, a small percentage of the halflings are different. Headstrong, independent and adventurous, these halflings seem to be everything their parents are not. These halflings, commonly known as free halflings, even tend to be slender, taller and dexterous than their more stocky and earthbound cousins.

On the border and rim worlds there are some colonies headed by free halflings. The free halflings breed pure, and most of these colonies consist solely of free halflings, but there have also been instances where a free halfling has taken the leader role among a group of common halflings, and led them rim-ward. However, these colonies are few in number. Most free halflings do their own thing living as nomads, entrepreneurs, thieves, mercenaries or any other role that strikes their fancy,


Humans are found everywhere in the Dracosphere, but despite the fact that they might actually be numerically superior to any other race, they never seem to dominate. Jack of all Trades, Master of None, they often seem to fade into the background against the power and accomplishments of members of the other races. Most humans seem comfortable in that background role, being the glue that holds everything together, but some strive to make a more prominent place for themselves in the world.


Natives of The Boreasphere the orcs are a hardy race, with more brawn than brains. Though exceptionally suited to survive in the harshness of the Boreasphere, they are rarely seen in the civilized parts of the Dracosphere. In settlements close to the Boreasphere, they tend to be viewed with distrust and hostility, due to the history of raids from the Borean tribes.


The Warforged are sentient constructs with free will created by the sorcerer craftsmen of The Eternal Empire as warriors in the wars of The Eternal Empire. These days they are mostly present in the effort against the Dwarven Remnant, but they have been around for much longer. Some say they were created for the wars against the Dwarven Autocracy, but others say they were around even before then.

Outside of the Eternal Army, there are only few warforged, and they are much sought after for jobs such as guards, where their constant vigilance and martial prowess allows them to perform any mortal guardsman.

A relative few have struck out in other directions, but they generally find their pursuits in other professions hampered by the view of the rest of the populace, who have a hard time seeing them as anything but a soldier automaton. As such these warforged generally strike out as explorers or sailors, or other professions where they only need to rely on the perceptions of their fellow crew.


The wildfolk of the rim worlds live in savage tribes, and rarely ever leave them. On the rare occasion that a wildfolk visits the inner worlds for one reason or another, they tend to attract a good deal of attention.


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