High Worlds

The High Worlds lie around the central star of the Dracosphere, and are the largest bodies of the sphere after the sun. Each high world is ruled by one of the Eternal Masters, a dragon of great age. The machincations of the dragons are what drives the politics of the High Worlds, and by extension the politics of the Border Worlds.

The larger size of the High Worlds also gives them a correspondingly larger Thaumic Core, giving them a strong background aura. Magic and magical artifice is everywhere on the High Worlds, and many people know at least a little bit of magic. Their cities are great and majestic. Their magical products flood the markets. Their fields and mines produces great bounty.

Though there are slums and other less affluent areas on the High Worlds, nonetheless being a citizen of the High Worlds almost by default means a better lifestyle. Magical goods, magical healing, a huge and thriving economy. All you have to do is live under the rules of the Eternal Master and generally give up your freedom in exchange for the safety that brings.


Banshur is an industrious world of seas, mountains and open farmlands. All of which is being utilized in one way or another by the prosperous and hard-working Bansurs. A high percentage of the population are dwarves or gnomes, and Banshur is well known for its craftsmanship, both magical and mundane.

Indeed, when pure quality goods, rather than some specialty is what you are looking for, Banshur seems to be the answer. Of special note are their voidships and military hardware, which, while not as hard-hitting as Traxian designs are more than capable of holding their own.

Hilasar is the Eternal Master of Banshur, guiding Banshur and its vassals with a steady hand. Hilasar is heavily engaged in The Great Game, but seems to value his subjects over any potential gains in the game. Nonetheless, he is an adept player, and primarily competes with Tovarex for dominant position in the sphere.


Traxos is a world dominated by its Eternal Master. Tovarex is highly ambitious and ruthless, and directs his people towards a single purpose. Traxos exists as a primary base and supply point for Tovarex’s navy and army, which provides more than half the forces of the combined Eternal Army and Navy. The capital of Stirex is also a place to celebrate the many military accomplishments of his armed forces.

Traxos primarily deals in military goods of various kinds. Where Banshur specializes in craftsmanship and efficiency, Traxian goods go more for brute force, whether it is their heavy dragon armors, or devastating combat magics.

Tovarex takes a very direct hand in the governance of Traxos and its vassals, and seems like he might try to lay his dominion over the entire sphere, were it not for the compact of the Eternal Empire, and the fact that the other Eternal Masters would probably unite against him. Instead he plays The Great Game, though on occasion far more aggressively than any of the other masters.


Some people would say that Stragos is a world of merchants and con-men. A lot of Stragosians would laugh and agree. Stragos is almost entirely covered in sea, except for rock spires which jut from the sea. Upon these spires, the Stragosians build their expansive cities. The farther up you are, the greater your status.

Stragos trades in all manner of goods, making few goods themselves. They do produce some goods from the aquatic life of the planet’s seas, but the volume of these pales to the goods they sell from Banshur, Wraven, Sharn and other worlds. The markets of Stragos are famed across the entire sphere.

Raithura, Stragos’ Eternal Master, is also the master of one of the greatest merchant houses of Stragos. She does not abuse her position as Eternal Master in her dealings, but deals fairly. Or as fairly as a Stragos merchant would. By her own words, she enjoys the competition. She takes the same attitude to imperial politics, parcipating with great vigor in The Great Game.


The most insular of the high worlds, Teyjin is a world steeped in culture and bureaucracy. Teyjin’s cities and villages are situated on archipelagos strewn across its expansive sea. The people of Teyjin each have their own spot within the social hierarchy from fishermen, to mages, to bureaucrats, to the Eternal Master at the very top. Outsiders are tolerated, but not exactly welcomed, and mostly limited to trade districts.

Teyjin trades in its own kind of magics, composed of herbs and charms. Though all the high worlds have well developed magics of healing, the Teyjin mages are especially adept at healing both the body and soul.

Weilong Di is the local Eternal Master, and is as insular as his people. Few has ever seen him, except for the highest levels of bureaucrats, which bring his orders to the lower casts. Where he participates in The Great Game he seems mostly interested in protecting Teyjin and its vassals from the other participants.


Doseon is a world dedicated to art. The very surface of the world has been sculpted and reimagined. Mountains carved with the faces of long lost models. The expansive symmetrical gardens of Weylong. The hanging islands, upon the rich and powerful have built mansions, palaces and pleasure gardens. The people of Doseon all seem to have an artist hidden somewhere inside, whether they work as an actual actor in the theater-district of Vesail, or as a mere servant on one of the hanging islands.

Doseon primarily trades in luxuries, both magical and mundane. Fine furniture, decorative illusions, and all manner of other wares.

Faerskan, Doseon’s Eternal Master, is a lover of the arts, and is probably the primary reason that Doseon has the personality that it does. Faerskan often invites artists to his Grand Praetorium to enjoy their work, and it is said that she has had his picture painted or carved by every successful painter and sculptor. Judging by the amount of paintings and statues of her in the Grand Praetorium, that might very well be the truth. Faerskan seems entirely involved these artistic projects, and only participates in The Great Game to secure resources needed on Doseon.


Wraven is a world built by its people, though not quite to the same degree as Doseon. The second closest planet to the sun, Doseon’s natural state seems to be one of badlands. But using the world’s magical aura, Wraven’s mages transform the environment into something much more pleasurable. The result are seas of green vegetation, settled in the larger badlands of the world. It is a project that needs constant maintenance, and Wraven has probably the largest proportion of mages and sages in its population. Wraven is dedicated to understanding the magical and mundane world alike.

Wraven trades in all kinds of magic, though a lot of it tends to be new magical experiments of various kinds. The only place where Wraven really seems to have a focus, is in the fields of summoning and other extra-planar magic.

Arkris, the Eternal Master of Wraven, is the current High Master and as is very involved in the politics of the Eternal Empire. Arkris has has few holdings outside of Wraven, and mostly acts as a diplomat, keeping Masters such as Tovarex or Raithura in line so The Great Game does not get out of hand.


Sterus is a world of seemingly eternal storms. From the storm-swept seas thrust cragged peaks, upon which the people of Sterus build their cities, clinging to the rock. The world does also feature a couple of continents, but the Sterusians only settle on the shores. The interior of these continents are claimed by Otidhall, their Eternal Master. The people of Sterus are stoic and rugged, enjoying the simple pleasures in life, good beer, good food and good songs.

Sterus is best known for its stormsmiths, who create items from the magically resistant Stormsteel. However, they also bottle lightning, which can be used for magical research, alchemy and other uses.

Otidhall, the Eternal Master of Sterus, mostly keeps to her own projects on Sterus, and rarely participates in The Great Game. This may be because she has a tendency to overreact, when her realm is impacted by the game. Even Tovarex tends to tread lightly around her domains.


Lying closest to the sun, Sharn is also the hottest of the high worlds, exhibiting a desert climate across most of the planet, broken up by a few small seas. Sharn is the least populated of the inner worlds, and competes with Sterus for the harshest climate. The people of Sharn are well accustomed to the climate, however, and trade extensively for the foodstuffs that they cannot supply for themselves.

Sharn is also more magically active than any of the other worlds, with many of the native creatures surviving off the magical aura, including enormous sand wyrms, which prove a hazard for unwary desert travelers. In addition to exporting these beasts, Sharn also exports various powerful magics, as well as Thamic crystals, of which they are a primary provider.

Herashur, the local Eternal Master, might be the most magically adept of all the Eternal Masters and is seen as a father-figure by many of his subjects, guiding and protecting his people. Herashur doesn’t participate much in The Great Game, having only a few vassals on the world’s towards The Feysphere, but often coordinate his actions with Raithura on the occasions when he do act. This may be because the two are romantically involved. Raithura has birthed several clutches from Herashur.

High Worlds

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