A rocky world with a strong magical aura, and naturally occurring formations of thaum crystal, Frey is rules by Shazes, a daughter of Hilasar of Banshur. Frey is a world with two radically different environments.

On the one hand there are the mines, were rough men harvest the thaum crystals, and the attached space ports full of sailors, as rough a working man’s environment as you’ll find.

On the other hand, there is the City of Shards, a multitude of towers piercing from the surface, where Shazes makes her home, and from where she rules nearby worlds in Hilasar’s name. The City of Shards could be mistaken for a city on a high world, filled with magics, and housing a well educated and patriotic populace.

At the bottom of the spire, these two cultures mix, and it is here that you will find the local Salvagers’ Guild.


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