Alchemists are most common on the High Worlds where they make all kinds of magic infused creations. The farther towards the rim an alchemist works, the more basic their craft usually is. The alchemists of the border worlds often work almost entirely in non-magical creations such as sunrods, smoke bombs and gun powder.


Barbarians originate from the Rim Worlds, and most live their entire lives there with their tribe, never leaving their home planetoid, their only contact to the outside world being the occasional Void Merchant. Near the Boreasphere, however, the tribes are able to craft their own kind of Voidships, using these both to conduct war amongst each other, but also to perform raids against nearby rim and border worlds allied to The Eternal Empire.


Almost all bards, belong to one of the bardic colleges sponsored by on of the Dragon Lords. These are taught the ancient stories, how to use their instruments and voice, how to tap into magic, and how to combine all three. Part of this training also often include training in stealth and other underhanded skills, for part of their profession is to hire on to merchant lords, high nobles, or even one of the dragons as spies, precision thieves and assassins.

Sponsored bards are as a general rule welcomed wherever they go. The rich and powerful show their status by hiring bards to perform for them, considering the risk merely part of The Great Game. The common people appreciate every chance to hear the performance of these master artists, readily offering food and hospitality for the opportunity, because the affairs of the bard is unlikely to touch upon their entertainment for the evening.

Non-sponsored bards also exist. These may be gifted individuals, who have taught themselves the skills, or maybe one of the skjald from the Borean barbarian tribes. These bards are rarely welcome among the high born, and the lowborn do not automatically grant them hospitality either.


The druids live predominantly on the rim, where they have offered their services to one of the Living Worlds, which in turn grant them powers over nature. Every Living World has its own sect of druids, though some of the smaller worlds may only have a single empowered druid at a time. The link between druid and Living World is internal and powerful, allowing the druid to draw upon the world’s magical energies, even if he should travel to the other side of the sphere.

Most druids remain with their world, but some are sent out into the sphere to serve as the living world’s voice and hands.


Fighters are professional warriors, skilled in arms beyond the level of any common soldier. Trained at one of the military academies of the High Worlds, or by a master armsman farther towards the rim. Self-taught fighters also exist; gifted individuals who make up for their lack of training with tenacious will and innovative tactics.


Gunslingers generally origin from the High Worlds where muskets and other firearms are relatively common. A few gunslinger adventurers may origin from the ranks of the Eternal Empire’s armies, but most are diletants and swashbucklers which have picked up the weapon.

Firearms are commonplace on the High Worlds, and emerging on the Border and Rim Worlds.


Inquisitors are servants of The Eternal Empire, trained at the Draconic Schools, and sent into the world to serve the cause of the Eternal Masters. They respond to problems that cannot be handled by local authorities, dig into corruption, and generally serve as investigator, judge, and executioner rolled into one. While in the territory of their master, they are fully sanctioned to act in each of those three roles. On the other hand, they are directly responsible for their own actions, and must answers to their master.

Inquisitors are rarely welcomed, neither among high-born nor low, for few are the people who has nothing to fear from the dragons. Some inquisitors use and cultivate this fear, working in the open and spreading word of their deeds. Others work incognito, so as to easier uncover that which people might want to keep hidden from an agent of the Eternal Masters.

A few ex-inquisitors exist in the sphere, and though they lose none of the benefits of their training, they lose their special position and privileges and are in fact hunted mercilessly by the Eternal Empire.


The most numerous spellcasters in the Dracosphere, mages are the workhorses of the High Worlds, where they have been taught by the Draconic Schools to tap magical energy and use it produce specific spells.

Mages are also found on the border worlds, and even a few rim worlds where they are usually taught in a master-apprentice relationship with a more experienced mage.


Rangers are hunters, whether of man or beast. Found from the cities of the High Worlds to the deepest wilderness of the Rim Worlds rangers span many terrains, many techniques and many personalities.


Few individuals possess the exact mix of skills that a rogue possesses, except the members of the Salvagers’ Guild. Assassins, thieves and retrieval specialists, the rogue can be regarded as the poor man’s bard. If you need a person dead or object retrieved, and don’t have a bard on retainer (which few people do), you might make your way past the Salvagers’ Guild to strike up a contract.


Though not rare, sorcerers are hardly common either. Families with magical bloodlines or individuals that have been soaked in a particularly strong magical aura, sorcerers have gain and improve upon their magical powers without any conscious study.

On the High Worlds sorcerers are often treated as better than common spell casters like mages. Anyone can learn how to become a mage, but a sorcerer is naturally magical, often coming from a long line of prestigious sorcerers. Many of the noble families are sorcerer bloodlines, further differentiating the sorcerer from “lower” types of magic users.

Spirit Host

Spirit hosts are individuals that have allowed themselves to be possessed by a spirit, existing in a symbiotic relationship. Spirits are deeply tied to world outlook, and will most often seek out individuals who share that outlook, and will work with them to expand it. To assist the spirit host in this endeavour, the spirit grants him magical abilities in keeping with the spirit’s nature.

Though spirit hosts have always existed, the most common being druids, which act as the agents of living worlds, new spirit hosts have arisen in large numbers along the edge of The Gloomsphere.


Swordmage mixes magical and martial prowess in a way like no other. It is generally known as a relatively new tradition, picked up by dilettantes and swashbucklers.


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